Koloszvar hosted the first multiplier event

The event took place at the Transylvanian National Council on 24 November in Koloszvar (Cluj), a small town in Romania where its general association EMNT is located. This event took the form of a workshop called “WORKSHOP FOR INNOVATION IN THE EDUCATION OF MINORITY LANGUAGES”. This event not only served to make the project visible and disseminate the results, but also to involve the multiplier agents in the evaluation and improvement of the materials, thus achieving a higher level of quality. For this reason, the workshop included a final part where a debate on the educational methodologies was generated and the participants will make proposals to improve the contents.


“Territorial Languages as a Employability Tool for Adult People” a.k.a. “Lang4Jobs” is a strategic network of educational organisations searching to increase employability and inclusion of adult people by use of multilingualism, digital competences and ICT benefits.

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